Sep 212014

21 September 2014

Common sense, reason, sanity and even half a brain don’t seem to be in the makeup of some people. Is there actually anything behind that vacant stare? has the story.

Naomi Klein Changes Nothing With This Changes Everything

Canadian author and anti globalization activist Naomi KleinNaomi Klein keeps coming up with fresh new ideas about how to spark an elusive mass social movement against capitalism and corporations. In her 2000 bestseller No Logo, the progressive journalist attempted to harness the nascent anti-globalization movement to unleash “a vast wave of opposition squarely targeting transnational corporations.” In 2007, her book The Shock Doctrine bogusly asserted that free market institutions spread only by taking advantage of coups, wars, and natural calamities. The book debuted at the beginning of a massive recession and featured economist Milton Friedman as its chief villain. But still no dice.

Now comes Klein’s newest screed, This Changes Everything. “Our economic system and our planetary system are now at war,” she asserts. Climate science, Klein claims, has given progressives “the most powerful argument against unfettered capitalism” ever. If the stresses of globalization and a massive financial crisis cannot mobilize the masses, then the prospect of catastrophic climate change must.

Canonical Marxism predicted that capitalism would collapse under the weight of its class “contradictions,” in which the bourgeoisie profit from the proletariat’s labor until we reach a social breaking point. In Klein’s progressive update, capitalism will collapse because the pollution produced by its heedless overconsumption will build to an ecological breaking point. “Only mass social movements can save us now,” she declares.

Is she onto something? Man-made climate change, if unaddressed, may well become a significant problem for humanity as the 21st century advances. But is Klein right that progressive values and policies are “currently being vindicated, rather than refuted, by the laws of nature”?

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Sep 202014

20 September 2014

Just to rub much-needed salt into self-inflicted wounds (see previous post “Climate Crazy Day”), a new book is out showing the world needs more CO2, not less.

(Shock, horror – behead the infidel!).

Here ’tis:


About Face! Why the world needs more carbon dioxide The Failed Science of Global Warming is a new book about the climate of the Earth.

Many people believe that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide – which is put there by mankind through burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) –will heat up the climate leading to unstoppable global warming. This is not true. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is plant food. The more there is in the air, the faster and bigger plants will grow throughout the world. CO2 is only 0.04% of the atmosphere – Oxygen is about 21% and Nitrogen is about 79%. CO2 is so thin in the air that it does not heat up the earth today and has never done so in the past. The temperature of the Earth has not increased in the past 17 years. It may not do so in the future.

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Climate Crazy Day

We see the local climate crazies are having one of their periodic love-ins this Sunday, to coincide with similar meaningless events in other cities, most notably New York.

Another Mount Alexander Shire Councillor Quits

Another Mount Alexander Shire Councillor Quits. Mount Alexander Shire Council must surely have the record in Victoria for the most number of councillors who have quit mid-term, or be damn close to the record.