Annual Site Clean-up

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Jul 212014

21 July 2014

It’s annual clean-up time at The Castlemainian.

Once a year around this time we clean out many older posts; this year we’ve taken the axe to them.

Examination of our records indicated most visitors only read very new posts, usually 2-3 days old at most. This begs the question, “Why retain posts dating back two years or more?” Answer: There is no reason to keep them. Virtually no-one comments on old posts either.

Some blogs provide a database of records that are valid regardless of age; this is not one of those blogs. We try to concentrate on items which are “current”. Keeping posts which are old and not current doesn’t make sense; it also increases workload considerably.

We’ve made the decision to keep posts for a maximum of 30 days, after which they’ll be deleted. As they say in the media, “There’s nothing as dead as yesterday’s news”.

We’re also deleting anything that ceases to be current or not relevant within that 30 day period. A case in point is the “Bendigo mosque” item which generated much interest during its run. As the case has now gone to VCAT we consider the matter is no longer of interest to this site, hence it’s gone. Similarly the post on 19 July regarding flags not at half mast at the local Civic Centre is no longer relevant as the problem has been fixed, thanks to an obliging Council employee.

Thanks for visiting.

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